Our Coronavirus Policy

Please note Hedgehope’s Coronavirus policy (updated 14-May 2020).

We interpret the UK Government’s advice (ie. for England) as quite clearly meaning that holiday accommodation cannot be provided until 4th July 2020 at the earliest and so we are continuing to give full refunds to all our guests who have booked direct and who are due to stay in the current restricted period.

Where guests have booked through another website then that website’s policy determines what happens. It is our belief that no-quibble 100% refunds should be given where your visit is not possible due to coronavirus – however if this is not the case then please contact us and we will try our best to help.

As far as future bookings are concerned, we can ‘pencil’ guests in for a direct booking. In this case we are not taking deposits at this stage, but would contact guests later on to check if they wanted to confirm the booking once the situation has got back to normal.

Please select your dates on the calendar should you wish to enquire about a stay or alternatively, email us at stay@hedgehopecottagealnwick.co.uk to enquire about a stay or to seek clarification about an existing booking.

Please note that in a restricted period (as at present) booking calendars (like on this website) may show up as booked, but we are in fact closed.